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Kunst / Cultuur uit Angola



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Kunst / Cultuur uit Angola, angola startpagina, informatie over angola, de angola maar ook info over toerisme, reizen en vakantie naar bijvoorbeeld luanda.

Languages of Angola Languages of Angola
Republic of Angola, Repķblica de Angola. 16,095,000. National or official languages: Portuguese, Kikongo, Kimbundu, Mbunda, Chokwe, Oshiwambo. Literacy rate: 30%. Information mainly from J. Bendor-Samuel and Hartell 1989; Redinha 1970. Blind population: 12,000. The number of individual languages listed for Angola is 42. Of those, 41 are living languages and 1 has no known speakers.

Artiesten in Angola Artiesten in Angola
Angola : Music

Cultuurbeleid van Angola Cultuurbeleid van Angola
Cultuurbeleid van Angola

Cultura Luanda Cultura Luanda
Cultura Luanda

AfroPop Angola AfroPop Angola
Most world music fans hear the soulful, raspy voice of Bonga when they think of Angola. A few other Angolan artists with international careers come to mind such as Carlos Burity , Paulo Flores, and Waldemar Bastos. But for the most part, Angola is absent from the North American stage. The only artist who has toured here recently is Waldemar Bastos. So finding out more about whatís happening in Angolall was our mission for Afropopís first visit in November, 2005. This was the month Angola celebrated the 30th anniversary of its independence from Portugal .,%20Angola

Angolan Music Videos Angolan Music Videos
Music Videos of Angola - Clips Angolais - Clipes música Angolana

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