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Angola is situated on the west coast of Africa, and is bordered on the north by Congo and north and northeast by Dem. Rep. of Congo (formerly Zaire), on the Southeast by Zambia and on the south by Namibia and on the west by the Atlantic Ocean. The country\'s landscape consists mainly of broad tablelands varying from 3,000 to 5,000ft in altitude; a high plateau in the south ranges from 4,000 to 7,000 ft. The highest point in Angola is Mount Moco (8,569ft) in the Bengula region and Mount Navil (8,133ft) in the Cuanza Sul.

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Angola is re-emerging from decades of civil war, and adventurous travellers are beginning to tentatively discover its Portuguese architecture, 1650km (1025 miles) of coastline and little-visited wildlife parks. Thick forest, elevated plains and forceful rivers define the country\'s landscape - along with the sands of the Namibe desert. Visitors can search for African wildlife, including the black palanca antelope, a species unique to Angola. A ceasefire was finally achieved in 2002, paving the way for a final political settlement and, in April 2003, the people and government of Angola celebrated their first year of continuous peace for more than a quarter of a century. Although there is still some sporadic fighting, notably between government forces and separatist groups in the oil-rich Cabinda enclave, most of the country has now embarked upon the monumental task of reconstruction.

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